Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I am so hungry!

Ok well first off just wanted to say I am SOME  what sorry for the frequent unneeded language in my last post!  Well, it might have been unneeded for you but I was venting!  Something I seem to be good at......

So this weekend I am pretty sure I could have eatin a freaking horse.  (Not that I would eat horse at all!) But I tell you I was so hungry and well as of now I still am.  I don't know why at all, TOM is not coming yet?!?!?!  But I haven't really caved in at all, a few crackers here and there but nothing huge at all, which is really good for me.  Usually I would go ahead and eat like there is no tomorrow when I feel like this.  Maybe things are finally starting to kick into me and I am getting on the right track for once and for all?  I don't know, but I am proud of myself for not caving into this hunger. 

Ok, well I guess I might  know why I am hungry right now, I have started to cut back my calories from about, umm who really knows how much.  Anywhere from 1500 to 1800 a day to around 1200.  Its not something I am going to do for long, but I just want to see a good change in weight for a little bit.  I feel if I do it to long I will start to seriously starve myself, but for a week or two, I am going to try to keep to the 1200 calorie mark.

I have found that one thing that is really helping me with hunger, when I know if I don't do something soon, I will be eating that whole bloody jar of cookies on top of my fridge.  That one thing is warming up some broth and drinking it slowly.  I have tried both vegetable and chicken broth so far (cause thats what I had in the fridge and opened on hand).  Both are low sodium and it just seems to help take that strong edge off my hunger.  No it doesn't take it right away but it helps me out for that time being.

I have also found my niche in getting my water intake up.  Cause any of you that have followed along with me for a bit, knows I HATE water!  I was doing the lemon in the water for a while, but it still just wasn't doing it for me, I would get a little more into me that way but still no where close to what I need.  So I have continues on with that, but I also add so Stevia sweetener to it.  For those who don't know what Stevia is.... its a natural sweetener and kinda tastes like Sugar Twin, I just find its not a sweet as ST is.  I still can't use it in my coffee though.  I need my coffee and I drink alot of it in a day, not just the morning but all day long!  And I am sorry I can drink a few cups black, but I will not be happy unless I have my REAL sugar in my morning coffee and at least my cup after lunch.  I am hoping to try and cut back on my coffee intake and replace it with tea.  I love tea, but yet again, I am one that likes a little sugar in my tea too.  Honey works for me that way, but still can't drink the tea straight.  Something I need to work on more I guess. 


  1. Hey the water thing is hard for me too, until I bought a box of straws, I dont know what it is but it is soo much easier for me to drink large amounts of water with a straw :)

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