Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Counting Sucks

So the last while I have been weighing and measuring most of my food that I have been eating. Which is great for me, but there is one little problem I still seem to be having..... I am not losing weight?!?!  I was getting frustrated over this and then my dear friend Racheal did her weekly check in with me (cause the little lady loves me so much, she keeps track of me!) and when she asked how I was doing I told her.  Well you all know what the first thing she said to me:  "are you measuring and TRACKING your food?"  Well sure like I said I was measuring that crap like no tomorrow most of the time, but I haven't been tracking my food intake lately.  This kinda keyed into me right away after she asked it.  How the hell do I know how much I am eating in calories if I am not tracking.  For a normal person this might be fine, they can eat what ever they really want, but for me its something I have to do.  I am not able to at this time, I need to keep tight reins on myself, till I totally learn how to control my eating habits, till I really learn how much I can eat in a day.  I know for many it come easily to them, but for me this journey seems to be a hell ride and hopefully one day I will break free of it all.  As for now, I have to remember to take it one day at a time and also that I am doing this to become a healthier me, not only a skinnier me.  I need to be here for my kids, my husband, and one day maybe my grandkids (that will be way in the future, seems how my monkey man is only 6!).

I am one lucky lady to have such a great friend to stand beside me and check in on me so often, even if we are hundreds of miles apart.  I have a mother who is so supportive and knows the struggles of losing weight and how hard it is to do it and stay focused.  My husband supports me in anything I do, and I love him for that.  He says he loves me no matter what size I am and he will stand behind if I lose the weight or not.  Its not him I am losing it for, its me.  Its so I can be with him for longer and be a healthier me while at it.  I know there is no guarantee for tomorrow if live but I can dream that we will grow old together. I also love the support I get from all you followers, whether its a comment for just reading your blogs.  It helps me so much to know others feel and experience the same things as I do in this journey.  Thank you all!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I am so hungry!

Ok well first off just wanted to say I am SOME  what sorry for the frequent unneeded language in my last post!  Well, it might have been unneeded for you but I was venting!  Something I seem to be good at......

So this weekend I am pretty sure I could have eatin a freaking horse.  (Not that I would eat horse at all!) But I tell you I was so hungry and well as of now I still am.  I don't know why at all, TOM is not coming yet?!?!?!  But I haven't really caved in at all, a few crackers here and there but nothing huge at all, which is really good for me.  Usually I would go ahead and eat like there is no tomorrow when I feel like this.  Maybe things are finally starting to kick into me and I am getting on the right track for once and for all?  I don't know, but I am proud of myself for not caving into this hunger. 

Ok, well I guess I might  know why I am hungry right now, I have started to cut back my calories from about, umm who really knows how much.  Anywhere from 1500 to 1800 a day to around 1200.  Its not something I am going to do for long, but I just want to see a good change in weight for a little bit.  I feel if I do it to long I will start to seriously starve myself, but for a week or two, I am going to try to keep to the 1200 calorie mark.

I have found that one thing that is really helping me with hunger, when I know if I don't do something soon, I will be eating that whole bloody jar of cookies on top of my fridge.  That one thing is warming up some broth and drinking it slowly.  I have tried both vegetable and chicken broth so far (cause thats what I had in the fridge and opened on hand).  Both are low sodium and it just seems to help take that strong edge off my hunger.  No it doesn't take it right away but it helps me out for that time being.

I have also found my niche in getting my water intake up.  Cause any of you that have followed along with me for a bit, knows I HATE water!  I was doing the lemon in the water for a while, but it still just wasn't doing it for me, I would get a little more into me that way but still no where close to what I need.  So I have continues on with that, but I also add so Stevia sweetener to it.  For those who don't know what Stevia is.... its a natural sweetener and kinda tastes like Sugar Twin, I just find its not a sweet as ST is.  I still can't use it in my coffee though.  I need my coffee and I drink alot of it in a day, not just the morning but all day long!  And I am sorry I can drink a few cups black, but I will not be happy unless I have my REAL sugar in my morning coffee and at least my cup after lunch.  I am hoping to try and cut back on my coffee intake and replace it with tea.  I love tea, but yet again, I am one that likes a little sugar in my tea too.  Honey works for me that way, but still can't drink the tea straight.  Something I need to work on more I guess. 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

What the Fuck is Balance in Life?

Hey y'all, I am still kicking and haven't totally fallen off of the wagon for a while now.  Well not the weight loss wagon at least, just the blogging wagon!  Wow, time is falling by me faster then I can even imagine and next thing I know its weeks since I wrote a post. Hmm, I have been trying to find a balance of work (oh fuck what work.... its wetter then hell out here and none of my full time kids are coming due to that!), family life and my weight loss/exercise life.  Ok don't go bitching me out yet, I know its all one life I live, just different areas I am trying to keep a float right now.

So for working life.....

When I have kids, which like I said is very few and far between right now, because my full time parents all work out side and well when your work site is flooded out due to water from the freaking snow we had all winter and then the bloody rain that seems to keep coming, it kinda hard to work.  But there is the odd day in the week I have one extra little kiddy running around my house.  I am hoping soon things will pick up again, money is getting really tight, and no so easy to pay off loans I took out for this daycare business when I don't have money coming into to pay them.  Thank the lord, most of the loans were from family member's that understand and are willing and able to wait a little longer to get their money back.  My I love my family, just hate the thought of having to keep them waiting so long..... any who this paragraph really has shit all to do with weight loss or anything in general!!! Sorry for boring you about all that crap.

Family life.......

At this time isn't all to bad at all.  One plus on my side with the fucked up Spring we have had, I get to see my husband more then usual.  Cause lets face it again, they aren't out seeding cause all of our fields are under water!  So instead of coming home from his full time job in the city and have the quickest supper one could imagine and then running out to the field to relieve his dad for the evening, he gets to just stay home and help out with the kids.  On the other hand, if (and that's the biggest fucking IF one could say) the weather co-operates we really wont be seeing much of him cause they will be working 24-7 to get those crops in.  As for my own kids, lets just say they are keeping me very busy too.  Both my oldest son and my daughter are in soccer this year, which runs twice a week, so that eats up a full evening, seems how we live a good half hour from the town we play in and they are practicing for an hour and a half.  Good thing soccer season here only runs for a few months!  It wears me out and I am just the momma driving not the kids playing.  And wee one.... wow, does he get into mischief and keep me going too.  He is just starting to walk and well, I don't want him to yet. He is my baby and my last baby, and he's just growing up way to fast for my liking.  Along with soccer and running after the 14 month old, I am still tutoring my son on the evenings he isn't playing sports with his writing, reading and fine motor skills.  We are thinking he is finally catching up a bit and hopefully by the beginning of next school year he will be right where he needs to be to start Grade 2 and not be behind.  Its truly hard to deal with all this and not blame yourself on why things happen to your children.  I keep thinking its my fault he has a learning disorder, I must have done something while I was pregnant for this to happen, or I didn't try hard enough to teach him when he was little.  These are all things that have run through my mind the last while on why he has a learning disorder.

Weight loss and exercise life.....

Wow, now this is very time consuming!  But I have been doing good and have lost almost 20 pounds in the last month or so.  Now of course some of this has to do with a change in my medications but still alot has to do with excising my ASS off.  I try to get 2 hours a day in for exercising, and lets say that ain't easy with a family of 4 and myself along with everything else that has to get done in a day.  I try to do a good hour in the morning and a half hour at "quiet time" in the afternoon and another half hour after the kidlets are in bed.  Now, before you go giving my shit again.  I know its better to do it all at once to keep your heart rate up and going, but it just doesn't work for me that way.  I get up at 4:45 am, already I am not getting up any earlier when I don't get to bed till 11 pm or later some nights.  So, I have found breaking it up this way is the only way I can get it all in.  And as for my eating, for the most part I am doing pretty darn good.  I have stopped following Weight Watchers for now and I am counting calories in and calories out, which to me is just as time consuming as WW. 

alot left at the end of a day to do.  But I just remember there is always tomorrow for it!!!! 

Monday, May 9, 2011

A comfort in an awkward situation

So as most of you know, I am kinda new to this small town living.  Not brand new seems how we have lived out here in "butt-fuck no where land" for 2 years now.  I have said a number of times, that I feel lonely, not knowing to many people out here and with being shy and well being fat doesn't help either, I find it hard to make new friends.  Any how, this past Thursday one of the gals from town invited me over for coffee with some of the ladies around here.  Lets just say when I got the call and invite, I was jumping for joy.  Just like a little school girl, no it might not have been a pretty sight, but I was HAPPY to get that invite.  So of course I went and really enjoyed myself, as we were all talking about children's clothes (seems how there was about 10 kids running around the house at that time) and toys, it was brought up that a large town close to the city was having there annual garage sale.  So once again they all decided to go, at first I didn't say anything, because I don't know these ladies real well and didn't want to intrude on their plans.  It just isn't me to invite myself to things, even if it is kinda an open invitation. Just when I thought that their plans were made and once again I was kinda sitting there on the back burner, one of the mom's asked if I would be able to come.  Wow, I know I got the biggest grin on my face when I was asked, and well if these ladies knew me a little better, I probably would have done that happy dance again. 

So the next day we head off for lunch and garage sale shopping.  I am not one to shop and when I do I really prefer to be by myself to look at things and what not, but there was no way I was turning down this offer to make some kinda friendship out here.  I must say I did have a blast getting to know this group of ladies, yet at the same time I felt totally awkward again.  Yes, I didn't know half the people these girls were talking about, but on the other larger side I felt the awkwardness because yet again I was the fat one in the group.  Here is a table of 4 skinny mini's, whom have all had children with in the last 18 months some as little as 4 months ago. That at their heaviest, soaking wet, would probably weigh the same as one of my thighs.  It just really bothers me to be so much heavier then others I know.  I can't go shopping with my friends and find those "cute" clothes because lets admit it no "normal" store sells 1,2,3 XL clothing and those skinny friends don't want to go into plus sizes stores with you.

So in the end, I had a blast out with some girls from around town, but at the same time it also made me realize yet again, how much I need to keep myself on track to lose this weight.  So I can become comfortable with who I am when I am around others.  These two days brought alot of joy into my life yet at the same time, I was totally outta my comfort zone.  I guess in order to make new friendships you have to do that, just like exercising, if you don't leave the comfort zone and push your self that much harder you aren't doing much good.

Friday, April 29, 2011

A night to set me straight

So once again its been ages since I have blogged.  I am starting to be a blog bum, it feel like.  But I have had alot going on with family and health and just haven't been able to find the time. So I would like to say sorry again for being so sporadic for all my blogging friends.

Now on to my post!

Last night a had a much needed girls night out.  I don't get to many of these any more with 3 kids and well living in a small town not really knowing anyone doesn't help either.  I know it was a Thursday night but I let lose and had a blast.  My dear friend Racheal over at "The Trial and Tribulations of Racheal Santo" was back home for a visit and lets just say when she told me she was coming down I was so bloody excited to see her I didn't care what day of the week it was going to be, I was heading up to the city to meet up with her and catch up on some good times.  Mrs. Santo was the lady that got me into the thought of really losing weight and getting healthy.  She did it herself and done such an amazing job and she looks HOT now, not that she wasn't good looking before!  This gal is my rock, my motivator, my coach, and most of all a great friend that you can lean on for anything.

With having this girls night with her and my besty (best friend), I realized (or should I say re-realized for about the 100th time now) that I really need to do this.  I need to loss the weight and stay healthy, but most of all to become happy again.  I love these girls to death and had a blast, and I know they will always love me not matter what.  But with being the biggest girl there and talking alot about health, exercise, eating right, and everything else under the sun, I felt a little uncomfortable, to say the least.  How can I talk about health and think I know what I am doing when none the least I am sitting at 220 some odd pounds and can't seem to stay on track.  I totally know they weren't doing this to make me uncomfortable at all, and I don't feel one should change the subject of conversation just because of how I feel about it.  So this all in a nut shell, really made me think on the drive home that I have to do this.  I don't want to be the fat girl any longer at the table and feel so uncomfortable around such good friends of mine any longer. 

To tell you all the truth, because that's why I have this blog in the first place.  Its to make my self accountable for my many, many actions I take on this journey.  I feel like I let Racheal down, I don't know if she was expecting to come visit me and me be a skinny mini at all, and I am almost 100% sure she will give me shit for writing this!  But Racheal has been my rock like I mentioned above and has talked me through so much and helped me so much the last few months with learning about myself, fitness and health.  And now that I was able to talk to her again in person for the first time in months, I feel like all this time she has put into me has been a waste for her.  I know I thank her for every little bit of info she gives me, but why can't I keep up with it all and succeed?  This might not make sense to many of you and I know some of you will even think that I am trying to do this for someone other then me, myself.  But that's not true, I just feel like I am wasting some else's valuable time when they give me all this amazing information and I still fail. 

So now that I am starting to recover from last night, I am going to sit down once again and redo what I have done so many times already.  I am going to figure out a solution that can work for me and my life style and busy days.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that maybe this time I can really do it and stick to it, and next time I have the chance to see this pretty lady again, I can show her that all of her hard work she has put into me, is paying off.

Not only did I get a much needed time out from the family to let loose a little but I also got that kick in the butt I needed to keep going on this journey and one day (hopefully sooner then later) I will succeed.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tips for Keeping Your Workout Schedule

I came across this e-mail in my inbox a few weeks ago, all though I was in my slump and off my healthy wagon at that time and never did post it right away.  Now that I am getting back into the grove of things AGAIN, I have take some of these tips and used them in my exercise portion of my journey.  I thought it might be a great article to pass along to all you guys too.  Many of blogger friends, might already have read this if they follow the new Weight Watchers Program, and if so I am sorry for bothering you again with it.  just remember if we can figure out helpful tips and tricks to keep our already busy life's in order with our weight loss journey, its only going to help us all that more!

10 Tips for Keeping Your Workout Schedule
  • Article By: Sally Bevan
Excuse-proof your workout by getting organised and scheduling in fitness.
Isn't it funny that the moment you decide to exercise, something always gets in the way? Mom stops by. The kids need help with their homework. The dog ate your running shoes. Maybe it's time to organise your exercise?

Make life easy for yourself.
Plan a regimen that fits with your lifestyle. If you work irregular hours, for example, don't sign up for classes that start at the same time each week. Instead, choose activities that can be easily slotted into your day: Walk the kids to school or run errands on foot during your lunch hour.

Draw up a weekly timetable.
To help you organise your time properly, draw up a weekly timetable of planned exercises and activities. This will also help you see how much activity you're getting. Try to do something for at least 20 minutes each day, even if it's just yard work or going on a brisk walk around the neighbourhood.

Attach exercise to a treat.
Give yourself a reward for scheduling in fitness. Buy flowers once a week for completing all of the workouts you scheduled. You can also attach exercise to an enjoyable event, such as playing with your kids in the park or catching up with a friend on a walk.

Get everyone else on board.
Make sure your family and friends know when and where you plan to exercise. This way you shouldn't get any unwelcome interruptions. If you need someone to watch the kids while you exercise, make sure you arrange this well in advance; don't rely on last-minute favours.

Anticipate motivational dips.
Everyone struggles with motivation from time to time, preparing for these feelings can go a long way to combating them. For instance, if you sometimes struggle to go to your aerobics class, get a friend to call you to make sure you're not still sitting on the sofa.

Avoid danger zones.
Many things can distract even the most hardened of exercisers: your favourite TV show, the lure of a night on the town with friends, or a neighbour popping in for an impromptu chat. Learn to recognise your particular "danger zones" and take steps to negotiate your way around them.

Buy figure-flattering workout clothing.
You don't want to look like a sack of potatoes when you're exercising. Spend money on well-designed, flattering and supportive gym clothes; you'll be more motivated to work out.

Have a specially designated drawer for fitness fare.
When you're in hurry, the last thing you want is to be hunting around for your gym socks. Keep all your exercise clothes in a special drawer so you can find them quickly.

Leave your gym bag by the door.
Always leave your gym bag by the door. This serves two purposes: one, so you always know where it is; and two, it serves as a gentle reminder that an exercise session might be due.

Put your gym clothes straight into the wash.
And last but not least, when you get back from the gym or pool, put your dirty clothes straight in the washer. Nothing is guaranteed to put you off exercising more than having to rummage around in the laundry basket for a semi-clean pair of gym socks!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Pain Killers and me don't get along!

OK my dear friends and followers...... No I have not abandon ship again, I know its been more then a week since my last blog but I have a reason other then hiding from the fact I feel off the wagon for the trillionth time.  Last Thursday night I hurt my back really bad.  My husband ended up taking me the the hospital a few towns over from us the next morning (Friday) because I wasn't able to move at all.  Its funny how the simplest things can hurt you.  All I was doing was bending over to pick up a towel and felt a "pop" in my lower back and I had instant pain and little to no mobility to walk, sit, or lay down.  It took me 10 minutes to walk from the bathroom to my nearest couch in the living, which is no more the 15 feet apart.  I don't think I slept at all that night.  So once getting to the hospital they gave my some Demerol and muscle relaxers.  Well lets just say neither of those worked and I was still in server pain.  The doctor didn't like the way things were going so he admitted me into the hospital and there I stayed all weekend.  Lets just remind you all if you don't know. I don't NOT like hospitals at all, I hate being away from my family and not always fond of nurses.  Well this stay wasn't as bad a being in a big city hospital because there was a whopping 3 of us that were in the hospital so I got the attention needed.  So on goes the fun all weekend of trying about 300 different pain killers, anti inflammatory and muscle relaxers (OK it wasn't that many but they tried alot till something finally worked!)  Finally late Sunday they let me out, even thought I was still in quite a bit of pain, it was better then Friday morning when I first got there.  Now for the rest of the week it has been improving and starting to get back to normal for the most part.  But I there hasn't been a day that I haven't been to some sort of doctor to get my back looked at or get this or that test done.  No one has figured out what I did to it yet, but the good news is that I haven't done any damage to the nerves or muscles.  So its one step closer to finding out kinda I guess.

So I have been told no vigorous exercise for a while and nothing to do with bending.   So out goes exercising for me.  Boohoo, I was looking forward to getting back into my Zumba class and boxing again, but I guess it is better to heal first and get better then it is to damage my back even more.  I have been OK with eating, making  healthier choice again and watching how much I eat at one time.  So that is a step forward on my weight loss journey again.  All though with that being said, the medication they have me on for pain is making me feel like a whale.  Man I am bloated and flying high for a good part of the day.  I am scared to step on the scale to see what I am at right now, because I am sure I will be up due to the meds but I also know that when I see that I am up I will be really upset about it.  So I am going to stay off the scale for a while.  But keep up with eating healthy and walking as much as a can.

So that is my last week in a nut shell.  I haven't lost my wagon but I have been set to the very edge of it for a while.  I will keep trekking on thought.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

What I have I done????

OK my fellow readers.  If you are still with me I am surprised I haven't been all to good the last few weeks.  Not just with blogging, but with my whole life in general!  I hope all of you haven't been as stupid as me and let yourselves go.  All I have to say is that it was the wrong thing for me to do and I wish I had never done it. 

Life has kicked me in the ass, stomach, head, hell every part of me.  It seemed like every time I turned around, answered the phone, or read my messages it was shitty bad ass news.  And well lets see here, someone who is an emotional eater to start with and under a lot of stress, disappointment, and confusion.  I just gave up.  Gave up on eating healthy, on exercising, on looking towards the future and living the present.  There were days I am surprised I made it out of bed.  I guess if I didn't have my children to look after I would have stayed there.

Now that I have got that in the open, its time to start again (for about the millionth time).  I don't want to be fat any longer, I don't want to be out of breath when I play a simple game of hide and go seek with my kids, I don't want to be unhappy.  I want to be healthy, fit, slim, and happy and I am truly hoping one day I can be that.  I know this isn't a snap of the fingers and you are skinny but I just wish I can get it through this thick skull of mine that I need to work hard at it and all the time not just every now and then.

So I am going to try this battle once again and I am hoping that you will all stay with me.  With Spring coming time seems to be short often with so much going on, but I am hoping to keep you all posted and to get back to reading everyone else's blogs again. 

I wish you all the best and proud of every one of you that has made it this far its a tough road to go down!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


So I have come to the conclusion that I need to learn portion control!  I have figured out the healthy eating for the most part, but I still seem to be stuck at the same weight.  Even while exercising!  So here is my thought......

How about I really start to weigh and measure my food in take! Hmm who would think that would help?  Ya, ya I know, I started on weight watchers I should know all about this.  But like alot of people, I was good at it for the first few weeks and then started to slack on it and well now I just plain old don't even try.  Not a good way to go.

Sure I eat healthier and more home made food but when you eat a cup and a half of green beans fancied up, when a serving of green beans is only..... Ha half a cup!  Yeppers, I just looked it up to make sure (Canada's Food Guide).  This is where I am going wrong, it might be good food I am shoveling into my mouth but not the correct amount. 

So my goal for the rest of this week and from now on, is to watch my portions.  How much I am really putting on my plate to eat.  I have printed off the Canada Food Guide, some quick references and tips and have posted theses bad boys on my cupboard door.  So there is no reason why I don't check now.  I have dug the measuring cups and spoons out (not they were not used for cooking before).  Now theses pretty little things will also be used for... my portions!  And the food scale has been wiped clean of its dust and is ready to go.

Some how, some way... I am going to beat this blob of weight, one day it will happen!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Healthy eating

On Sunday while my husband and I were in the city we went to Burger King for lunch...... I didn't feel so well after eating.  When getting back into town Sunday evening we had supper at the in-laws, it was pizza. I really wasn't feeling good after that.  I am thankful for the supper, as it was a nice thought for my in-laws to invite us to stay and it was yummy pizza, but my stomach was to happy with me.  Last night I wasn't in the mood to make a big supper so I throw on some sausage.....BIG MISTAKE!  Yes it was home made sausage and not as greasy as store bought but still after my eating on Sunday it just wasn't a good idea.  My stomach is still turning and feeling yucky.  I have now realized all this healthy eating we have been doing the last 5 months really has done something for us.  I mentioned to my husband that I didn't feel to well after eating all this greasy food the last two days and he too agreed with me and said he felt the same way.  I am so glad that we are not pumping our bodies full of grease and fat like we use too.  I feel healthier with what I am making my family and the fact that we hardly use proceed foods any longer.  If we are to have pizza now a days, its from scratch and fresh ingredients, not frozen pizza any longer.  Yet again I will say, if you eat these things that's fine but remember you need those veggies and fruits to keep you healthy too.  Don't always run for the processed foods, I know they are quick to make and often taste yummy too, but if you just take an hour out of your week and plan ahead you can make those same meals from scratch and are so much better for you.  You also for the chance to be proud of what you made cause it tastes so yummy!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Oh what a week

So I can't say I fell off the wagon totally this week but I defiantly had alot of struggles.  A long time school friend of mine lost her mother to cancer last week and with that information  I have found myself really worrying and thinking about my own family.  My dad has cancer and while I am no longer really close to him like I was when I was a child, it breaks my heart to think I could loss him at a young age also.  Not only myself being younger but also my father as he is only in his yearly 50's.  Go to this ladies funeral only mad it more surreal to me, that I too really could be planning my fathers funeral in the near future.  I don't want to do that, I love my dad no matter what, he is my father but at the same time he has hurt me in so many ways and I just don't know how to deal with it any longer.I don't know what to do or think about the whole situation and what could come to be in the near future.  As for that, instead of talking to others, like my mom, husband or close friends, what do I do???? YES you are right I turned to food yet again.  Why I don't know?  I need to figure out, retrain myself not to turn to food for comfort.  Its really not going to talk me through my emotions more tell me how I should deal with things, all the food is doing is killing me faster too.  I don't want that, I want to be here for my family, my husband, my children.  If I keep turning to food the way I do all I am doing is hindering my journey to a healthier me, a skinnier me, a more active me.  So for this week I have jumped back on the the healthy wagon and I am going to keep moving forward, I am not going to give into my destructive ways again.  I know I can do this no matter what comes my way or how hard it really is.  I am a strong person and I need to keep strong for my family.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


So OK I mentioned yesterday I found 2 new snacks that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, and well they are pretty healthy for you too.  I purchased these items at Costco, but I know you can buy them else where if there is no Costco in you part of the "world"

Snack #1

Dried Mango and Berries

The package I bought is put out by Kirkland Signature which is Costco's brand name.  They are amazing... well the mango and strawberries are, I am not to keen on the blueberries but there isn't that many in the package for me to worry about.

Here's the stats on them:
1/3 cup has 100 calories
0 Fats
30 mg of sodium
25 g of Carbohydrates
1 g of Fibre
and is 10% of your daily Vitamin C and 6% of your Vitamin A

I am a sugar/sweat freak and these are just want I needed.  They are sweater yet still healthier for you.  I know they are not as good as the real deal fresh fruit but it works for me!!!!

*Picture shown is a 1/3 of a cup*

And as I am writing this post, I am eating the ones from the picture!!!! Yummy, yummy, yummy.

Snack #2:

Veggie Straws

OK now I have something similar to these before. They were Salt and Vinegar flavor though I believe and didn't taste half as good as these bad boys!

Here's the stats:
38 straws there's 130 calories
6 g of fat
290 g of Sodium
15 g of Carbohydrates
1g of Fibre
and is 25% of you daily Vitamin C

This package comes with spinach, potato and tomato flavored straws.  To me they all taste the same, which is Delicious!  They are all natural and no preservatives.....and the company that makes them is World Gourmet

*that is 38 straws on my plate......I didn't get to eat these ones because the kids got to them first!*
You can find this yummy treat along with other great ones at: www.wgrourmet.com

I thought you might all enjoy this little tidbit and maybe you too can find them near you!

Monday, March 7, 2011

New Stats

So this weekend was a busy one for me and I didn't get my post in last night like I wanted to.  I had a hockey tournament Saturday for my oldest and Sunday I headed to the city to get some more yummy food.  Must say for the most part it was all healthy and I found a few new snacks that I love!!!  That will be for my next post though.

Now for my weigh in and measurements.................

Finally I saw a loss, mother nature finally took a hike and I was able to start feeling normal again.  No cramping and bloating..... till next time!  Maybe she will be nice and stay away for a while?!?! Probably not, but its nice to wish right?

Weigh in was 221.4
Yeppers I was down 4 pounds and only have 1.1 pounds till I finally reach my 10% goal, it might have taken me a while to get this far but I have also learned a lot during this time about myself, nutrition, water, calories, and exercise.

When I first started my weight loss journey I wasn't exercising and now if I miss a day of it, I feel horrible.  What a difference for me, the last time I really did anything to the extent of exercising was grade 11 gym......

OK now my measurements.  I told myself I wasn't going to do measurements every week but I chose every 3 weeks.  Why?  Hell I don't know, a month seems so long to me but a week not long enough, so I either had every other week or every third to choose from and I thought lets be different and choose the third week.

Arms now are 15 1/2" they were 15 1/8" I sure hope this is muscle again!!!

Chest now is 41" was 43 3/4"  DOWN!

Waist now is 48 1/2" was 49" DOWN half an inch and this is where I would really like to loss the weight!!!!  I will have to get into different exercises for this area I think.

Hips are now 44" they were 46 3/4"  DOWN! Yeah

Legs now are 25 1/4" from 26"  so DOWN again there!

Well I have to jet for a bit here but I will try to post more often this week if possible.  I hope all my fellow bloggers and followers are doing well and keep working hard!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mother Nature... take a hike!

If you can't afford a doctor, go to an airport - you'll get a free x-ray and a pat down, and if you mention Al Queda, you get a free colonoscopy!

I received this as an e-mail last week and thought it was kinda cute!
I have noticed that I haven't blogged in a few days.  Wow, life has just been busy, busy, busy here.  With the children being off of school last week I had a house full for Ducky's Arts and Activity Centre and then on top of all that my 3 children were sick through out the past week too.  Now I think I am coming down with a cold AGAIN!  I can't seem to miss these things the last few years.  Any cold or flu that shows up in the community I seem to get it, since my first pregnancy I catch everything.  Before I got pregnant the first time, I was hardly ever sick now it feels like every other week I am.  Oh well live has to move on when you have family and work to do.

I took the weekend off of exercising and I wish I hadn't, when I went back to my boxing I sure noticed it in my arms.  It took a good 15 minutes for my arms to warm up and not hurt so much, but I pushed through that hurdle and kept going.  At one time I know I would have stopped before the pain did, because I just didn't want to work through it, things sure have changed and for a good way!  I just love this cardio workout, now. 

I got a facebook message yesterday from a lady here in town, she is trying to get a Zumba class together and was wondering who all would like to take it.  I jump on the opportunity, with living in a small town of about 215 people or so, there isn't much to offer for classes.  I would love if we could get enough people together to do this and maybe keep it up with a few sessions through out the year.  So I am keeping my fingers crossed all goes well and come April I can get these two left feet of mine moving even more!

As for my weigh in this past Sunday........... lets just say I was more then a little pissed off with it!  I worked out every day except the Saturday and ate pretty darn well and I was still up 1.6 pounds.  Now, I think I might know why, but still it makes me mad.  I have had mother nature visiting me for well over 2 weeks now....... and with her here she has brought havik on my body! The horrible cramping and bloating like you wouldn't believe.  Once again I go back to when I had my children.  After each child my periods got worse and worse, before my first I never had cramps, bloating, cravings, anything.  And then comes baby number one, I thought they were bad then.......hell now baby number 3 is here and they are 3 times worse!  Why is it that us  women have to go through all this crap????????  Once you are done having children, I think you should be done with your period to!

Any who, now that I kinda caught ya all up on my past week or so.  I hope you all have been doing better then I have and keep up with your hard work!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Green Punches

So I have found yet another 2 new found favorites or should I say one favorite and one like?!?!?!  This past week, I have been using the Gold's Gym Cardio On the Wii, it is mostly boxing and I must say I am in love with it.  My 30 minutes of work often turns into 45, 50, 60 minutes.... its great.  I really like the fact it lets you know roughly how many calories you are burning and how many punches you have done for each lesson and for the whole day.  My arms feel great already and I can even feel it in the mid section too.  I am really wishing I knew some where close to here that might have a gym with a punching bag, but at this time I don't.  If I keep this up and still enjoy doing it, I just might ask for one for my birthday??? Hmmm.  So this is where the "Punches" came from in my title, just in case you haven't figured it out.

I also tried another newish food this week.  Its nothing new to alot of people but to me it is.  Its the famous green beans, I hated them for the longest time.  Let's just say I would eat the raw but cook them and it was a no go for me.  I prefer most of my veggies raw to start with.  But Tuesday meal plan called for cooked green beans so I thought to myself how can I try something new with these things? Something that isn't going to add alot of points to my Weight Watchers Schedule yet make them taste better maybe.  So, I finally found a recipe and thought I would try it out.  And to my surprise it was great, I actually enjoyed them and so did the husband, my kids on the other hand didn't!  All I did was saute some garlic and olive oil, added my green beans, 2 tablespoons of soya sauce and some roasted almonds.  Once they were done and plated, I sprinkled a few bacon bits on top of them and vala its a yummy side dish. Once again this is where the "Green" comes in in my title. 

Is there any veggies that you have tried and at first never liked or hated and once trying them a new way, you really enjoyed?  If so, please send a recipe on to me!!!!  I am up for some food challenges. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My time is flying!

So I realized I haven't blogged in a few days :(  I am sorry.  I have been busy the last while trying to catch up on paper work for the daycare, cleaning my basement up (that's what happens when you let a bunch of kids down there by themselves!  They say "yes" why you asked them if they have cleaned up, although they didn't really!).

I was talking with my dear mommy yesterday (not that that is anything new, as we talk almost daily) and we decided that we were both going to try our hardest to lose 20 pounds by our birthday (1: June 4th, 2: we both have the same birthday date, we are just 25 years apart!).  Oh sorry mom, that might give your age away, hehehe!  So with that being said June is just over 3 months away.  I think 20 pounds is more then do able for the both of us.  I am excited to do this, and if I get there, I plan on buying a new outfit for my birthday...... I really want to hit 25 pounds though, that would take me out of the 200's and I haven't been out of this for a while now.

So this weeks weigh in was OK, I can't complain I did lose, just not what I wanted to.  I guess those few nights of a bowl of ice cream and peanuts sure didn't help, nor did my indulgent in 4 granola bars (Why?) . But after thinking about what I did last week and the lack of the exercise I was doing........ I guess I can be some what happy.

The last few days I have found a nice exercise routine for me though.  In the mornings I try to get a good 30 minutes of Wii Fit in and then in the evenings after my kidlets have gone to bed, I aim to get 1200 punches in, in boxing and which equals to be about a half hour for me.  After that I aim for another half hour of either step ups or my resistant band work outs.  I "stole" my mother exercise ball from her a few weeks ago and have tryed it a few times, but can't seem to get the hang of it, I will keep trying from time to time.  Does anyone have some of their own favorite exercises they do with their balls....... wow, that doesn't sound right!!!  Oh yes I should get my mind out of the gutter, I'm sorry again!

Today's weight: 223.8
Starting weight: 245
1 st goal: 220.5

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Who am I?

Last night I watched a movie called Nanny Dairies. Its a movie from 2007 so no its not a new release at all.  First I thought I would give you some in site on the movie before I get in to my actual post.

A college graduate goes to work as a nanny for a rich New York family. Ensconced in their home, she has to juggle their dysfunction, a new romance, and the spoiled brat in her charge.

Directors: Shari Springer Berman, Robert Pulcini 

Stars: Scarlett Johansson, Laura Linney and Paul Giamatti

OK now that you have got the point of the story/movie, I just thought I would give you a little in site on the actual movie.  I will move on to my post.....

Not to long into the movie Annie the main character was in an interview for a position in a large well know company.  The lady giving the interview asked Annie a good question that really got me thinking of myself for a bit.  The question was

"OK, tell me who Annie Braddock is?" 

Well of course Annie from the movie had a hard time with this answer as that's how the rest of the movie is played out, her trying to figure out who she really was.

For me though, I took that same question just after I heard it and put my name in there.

OK, tell me who Ashley Vipond is?  

Wow, I really go thinking here, if I was ever asked this question by any one, how would I answer it.  Some may think, "oh, that's easy", but for me it really wasn't and even this morning when I got up I was still think about it.  

Sure I know the facts and numbers of who I am.

I was born June 4, I live at..... in Glenavon, I have 3 kids, 2 pets, I weight 223.8 pounds, I am 5'8" tall..... OK you get the point there.  

But if asked by a person who is looking to hire me for a job and asked that question how would you answer it?  No, they don't care when you were born, that you have a cat and dog, or how tall you are.  (OK, for most job that's not important to know, there might be the odd ball job out there that needs some of that info from you).  They want to know what kind of person you really are.  To me, I don't know who I am really and its kinda bothering me.  Am I just a caregiver? A person who stays at home all day long?  Well sure that's my job but who am I other then that?  I'm a Sunday School teacher, A scrapbooker, a cook (or try to be cook!).  Is that who I am? A wife, a daughter, a friend.....

I am all of those, but to me I don't feel like I really know who I am for some reason.  I don't know where I fit in, in this town of mine. I don't know why I am friends with some people........ All I know is that I am an over weight mom and wife trying to figure out how to get thinner and healthier.  But would that be who I am?  Or is there still more?  Its truly something to think about I'd say.

Who are you?

"Who Am I?"

Who am I?
My first answer would probably be my name.
But, my name does not describe who I am on the inside.
I could then give the title of my profession.
But that is what I do.
I could then tell you I am a wife, a sister, and a daughter.
But those are my relationships.
I ask again, who am I?
I could describe myself as an extrovert and outgoing.
That is my personality.
I am organized in planning events.
But that is a gift God has given me.
I could describe my appearance, but that is not who I am either.
So many times I have believed what others say I am.
If I receive affirmation, then I feel worthwhile.
However, when I receive criticism, then I feel like a failure.
I have chosen to ride the roller coaster of emotions,
Instead of believing the truth of what God says about me.
I have tried to work harder to prove that I am worthwhile.
Yet every time I mess up or fail, I am reminded that I will never measure up.
I will never be pretty enough or talented enough.
I will never be skinny enough or do enough good things of the church.
I will never be a good enough wife or sister or daughter.
But, I keep trying harder and harder.
I believe the lie that if I continue to try harder, I will finally be "good" enough.

~ Written by:

Shelley Hitz

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I am pissed off again!

So I seemed to be pissed off at the whole world right now.  Nothing has gone right today what so ever and these "happy"(for depression) pills are not seeming to calm my mood even a little. Where to start?!?!?! Hmmm, I made calzones for lunch today, the kids liked there's as I made pizza style ones for them and for the husband and I, I made spinach, mushroom, onion and cheese.  I thought they were good, I made everything from scratch, I didn't take the short cut and buy premade dough, I worked hard on them and was pleased with how they turned out.  The only thing that upset me a little was that the husband didn't comment on them at all, I am not sure if he liked them or hated them.  I don't know made be I was just excepting more then what I deserved?!?  Then we decided the have a nap this afternoon, it doesn't happen often that I will lay down any more when the rest do, because I just don't have time.  But I thought made be today I would, I have been lacking in the sleep area for a while and thought it might help me out.  Well, just as I dose off the little one wakes up screaming, I laid there for a few minutes hoping my husband would get up to see what was wrong, but nope to all luck he didn't.  Once I got up and checked on the baby, got him milk and brought him out to the couch, who shows up...... Yep, your right the husband.  I asked what he was doing, and he tells me, "Oh I can't sleep" .  Well fuck you I thought.  You know I really wanted to lay down today and try to sleep but it didn't happen, cause the little one woke up.  If you can't sleep why couldn't have you got up for once to look after him.  I guess I am expecting a little to much again, ya know he never gets up with the baby to start with, why would he today????  So once I got done playing with the wee one, I was sitting here reading some blogs from others, and I get a smarky little comment of "well are you going to do dishes?"  What the fuck popped into my head again (no I didn't say it out loud, even though I wanted to), what are you doing?  Why can't you do the dishes for once?  Errrrrrr, I am just getting madder and madder, then he asks if I can up coffee on cause he wanted a cup,  I said no, you can!  He didn't like that!  I am not to sure what is up, with either of us.  He use to be pretty good with something around the house but now he expects me to do it all and all the time.  I don't know if I am over reacting today or what though, but he seemed to be pushing my buttons really well.

OK now with that vented out to  my fellow readers, I feel a little better.  Tomorrow is weigh in day, I truly don't think I have lost anything at all.  I know right now my problem is...... pop and portion control.  I have kinda gotten really lazy on the measuring of how much I am putting on my plate, and well lets face it that isn't going to help me lose much.  Sure I might be cooking healthier and more home made stuff but if I am having 2 cups of pasta when I really should only he having 3/4 of cup... it just its going to get weight moving down.  So this coming week that is my goal.  To start measuring out my food before it goes on my plate.  Might not be a large goal but its going to be one!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Why is it that when a woman is coming to her TOM (time of the month) she craves sugar or sweat things?????

I just indulged in 4 granola bars....why? I don't really know why I took that first one to start with, I wasn't really hungry, I just finished supper.  But I did!  I am mad cause 1 lead to 2 to 3 and then 4, like really Ashley give your head a shake, what the hell are you doing.  

So I did a little research on why we crave sweats when its that great time of the month every woman loves.  
Eating sugary foods causes blood-sugar spikes, followed by sharp declines, a pattern that exacerbates irritability, anxiety and light headedness. These symptoms only lead to more sugar cravings.  

All in all, I really didn't need that extra 2, 3, and 4th granola bar, hell I really didn't need the first one, but a gave into my god damn carvings once again.  I really need to break this habit and stop doing these nasty things to myself.  It doesn't do anything to me besides pushing me into depression a little more and gaining weight instead of losing it.  So I get my self back on the ban wagon once again, for about the millionth time since I started this journey and I will keep trekking on.  I am just hoping it wont set that scale up to much when I get on in on Sunday

What then hell am I in labour again?!?!

So yesterday I had to head to the city get another colopospy done, lets just say it was not fun at all.  After I had my 3 child and the great old pap test afterwards came back abnormal.  So they did a colopospy at that time and found I had alot of scare tissue build up and some paulups (growths) in my uterus, so they scraped the inside of my uterus back in August and removed everything that should be there.  That procedure wasn't bad, it didn't hurt at all, due to the fact that I had pain drugs for it.  This time was the totally opposite!  I thought that they were just checking to see how things were going in there, if they was anything I was assuming that they would schedule for another appointment and redo everything they did in August.  Well boy I was wrong, the doctor decided that she was going to do everything at once and with no pain medication cause you know she was already in there, why stop and give me something?!?!?!  So the doctor proceeds to tell me that she is going to remove the stop she found and that I will feel a LITTLE cramping while she was doing.  I am sure that the nurse that was helping her had a broken hand by the time she was done, a little cramping bullshit!  I thought I was giving birth again and was at the end of it and had some of the worse contractions ever.  Wow, I was hurting for a while, even once I was going to bed last night, I was still hurting alot.  This morning its not so bad I still feel a little pain but nothing like yesterday.  I am glad that is over and I will be prepared for my next one, just in case it happens again!  Good thing that's not for another 6 months.

So even with my pain last night, I still got a little exercise in.  I didn't want to but I thought I should so I decided to do my step ups while watching some TV.  I went for a good 40 minutes and once I stopped and looked at my pedometer I was amazed I did 6169 steps.  I felt good after that, well a good feeling, still sore in the inside and my legs were just a little tired afterwards.

While in the city yesterday I was also at Walmart, cause lets admit it, I live for Walmart.  I found a great sale on some Wii games, one of which was a Golds Gym one.  I am looking forward to trying it!  I am hoping I might be able to tonight, seem how I was able to sleep in this morning cause the husband started work late today, so none the less I didn't do a work out first thing this morning.

Other then yesterday my week has been pretty good but busy with alot of daycare activities.  We are working on the letter Bb this week.  Lots of fun crafts going on and keeping the kids busy again, seems how the weather is shitty once again outside.  Man I can't wait till Spring so we can go outside more often.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A birthday Wish

I just wanted to send out a quick Happy Birthday to a fellow blogger.  Roxie-Girl is turning 40 today and she is embracing this mild stone like no other woman would (okay maybe others would!).  I have been following Roxie-Girls blog for about a month now, and I must say she is amazing and I get such a kick out of some of her post. 

Please take a look at Roxie-Girls blog My Inner Pin-Up and I hope you enjoy her writing as much as I do!  So once again Happy 40th Birthday, and I hope you have an amazing, fantastic day.  Keep up the great work and remember to embrace every day to come as you are one strong lady.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Food Menu for Feb 14 to Feb 18

Breakfast: Fruity Oatmeal
Lunch:  Heart Sandwiches with Peanut Butter and Jam, carrots and yogurt
Supper: Roasted Chicken Sandwiches w/ Brie and cranberries, Cesar salad

Breakfast: Breakfast Burritos and bananas
Lunch: Biscuit Pizza
Supper: Marinated Chinese Noodles and Veggies with a mandarin Orange salad

Breakfast: Blueberry Muffins and grapes
I will be in the city Wednesday for doctors appointments, so I don't have anything planned for lunch or supper.  Supper with be something easier when I get home

Breakfast:  Pancakes and bananas
Lunch: Sloppy Joe's and salad
Supper: Roasted Red pepper Pasta w/chicken and a salad

Breakfast: Homemade toaster pastries
Lunch: Spaghetti and bread
Supper:  Three cheese caramelized onion, spinach, and mushroom Calzones with Cesar salad

Please remember my lunches are based on children's tastes and not always the fanciest.  I have to please them more then me for this meal!!!!  I am also not one for this breakfast thing yet, but I have decided that I really should be trying things for my family too. 

I will post pictures and recipes at the end of the week!  If any of you would like to know them before hand just leave a comment or send me a message and I will pass it your way. 

Weigh in and a little more

So this morning was weigh in........ the results didn't change from yesterday :(  But I am not going to sulk over what the scale is telling me this week.  I see it and I am going to move on  no pity party this time.  It's a gain like I said in last nights post Wine and Dine  but just cause I am up does not mean that I am not on track.  Our bodies can do some funny things to us, I know personally this time, I didn't cheat, I exercised, and I was getting more water in (not enough yet, but its finally coming to me). 

This week I will continue eating healthy.  I still have a bad habit of skipping meals, I have done this for a good 15 years now, its not going to change over night, not when I have been doing the same thing over and over again for that long.  But it is coming, just like my water intake (that will be another post to come!). 

I am loving my Wii exercises but I was thinking last night, I can't just rely on the wii, sure it gets me moving and its fun at the same time, but I need to get in my mind that I have to do more then that.  This week I would like to get back into my resistance band workout and maybe some exercises on the ball.  I am not to sure what those exercise balls are really called, but I got one from my mommy last week, and well I haven't used it yet.  I am going to this week.  No, its not going sit in my basement and collect dust or be another toy for the kids to play with.  I am going to use it. 

I have a dear dear friend that keeps my spirits up when needed, gives my motivation to keep going (hell she was the one that was able to get me started) and some amazing tips on every aspect of weight loss, exercises, and nutrition.  She has told me a few times now, that I really should get a "starting" picture and keep taking some along the way, it will keep one motivated to see the changes.  She also said that I should take my measurements, not that it has to be every week but once or twice a month even. This way, if you have a bad number on the scale one week you can see that you might not have lost weight, but you might have lost inches along the way. I had thought of this before, but my problem was having to get them done in the first place.  So last night I finally broke down and asked the hubby for help doing these tasks that I was dreading.  Wow, scary numbers(see below of stats).....  I have never liked my photo being taken, because lets face it, I knew I was fat, so why did I want to see myself in a photo.  Why should anyone else have that memory of looking back at pictures and seeing this massive person in a picture.  But I am hoping with enough work one day maybe I wont mind having that picture taken with the kids or the husband.

So here are my scary stats, I don't mind it you all gasp for a breath after you read each number.  I did when the hubby told me what they were.  Hell I am pretty sure he picked me off the floor with a few of them.

Feb 2011
Arms ~ 15 1/8 inches
Chest ~ 43 3/4 inches (that's under the boobs, but I don't have anything there to worry about so I could probably measure them and have damn near the same number!)
Waist ~ 49 inches  (GASP)!!!! Yeppers that's where he picked me up off the floor
Hips ~ 46 3/4 inches
Thighs ~ 26 inches   (another, holy f@#$ from me with this number)

Weight ~ 224.6 pounds
This week ~ up 1.8
1st goal ~ 220.5 pounds
Starting ~ 245 pounds

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The number 23

Okay so I just noticed this while looking at my dashboard..... I just wrote my 23rd post Wine and Dine and I now have 23 followers.  I thought I would keep this post going for a bit now that you are reading it!!!!  I know I just finished one, but I do have some many idea's in my head to write about!!!! This one wont be long though.  I just want to thank you, my followers.  Every time I log on to Blogger and notice another person is now following my blog, I get excited.  Not only am I doing this for myself, but hopefully I can hope others out too.  Whether that be from a recipe, encouragement, a photo, what not, everything little thing helps us out.  I get so many great comments from you all, and it really helps to keep me going.  I try to comment on all the blogs I follow, just cause I know how it feels to receive a comment.  Especially when you are just starting out, and after a while you are unsure if what you are doing is worth while or not, just know it is.  There has been a few mornings this week that I get up and think to myself, oh I don't want to work out, maybe I will do it tonight.  I get to the computer and start reading some of the new posts and all of a sudden I get the erg to go do my exercises.  I don't know whether it because of all your encouraging words and all of your hard work that makes me feel this way. Or if it is because, if I don't do my exercises I feel I am not only letting me down, but all of you my followers?!?! Either way, lets all keep up the hard work and cheer each other on.  We call all do it, whether is losing the weight or maintaining it, we can all get health as long as we put our selves into it and remember that its a whole new life style then what we are use to!


Wine and Dine

So the hubby and I were wining and dining today.  Not drinking the wine though!  We make our own wine, so today was bottling day for two different batches for us.  I had a Kiwi-melon and a dry red on the go.  Sorry my husband would kill me, cause I just can't for the life of me remember the name of the red wine.  I guess cause I don't drink it (I prefer the fruity wines) so I don't remember it?!?! 

After finishing the wine we headed to the city for our Valentines' supper together.  We aren't no fancy couple so we decided to go to Chili's.  It was great food and a good visit for just the two of us.  We don't often have just us time.  My in-laws took the kids for the weekend so we were able to these things this weekend.  How I love my in-laws, they are so supportive and are always there to help us out and take the kids if need be.  Its great to have them so close.  Now I just my mom was closer too! 

I didn't eat anything all day till supper time (although we had supper at 4:15.....lol yes that early.  When I stepped on the scale this morning (I also know that it was a day early, but I just had the erg to do it) it was showing I was up :( .  After seeing that I was up I didn't feel like eating, I had worked so hard this week and I am up?  Now, I know this could be for a number of reasons.  One, maybe it was that burger for supper, two maybe its water retention?  I have drank more water then I am use to this week, so it might be my body getting use to it? Or three, I gained this weight this week.  I am hope that its not number three, but I will weigh myself tomorrow like I usually do, and will post the results then.  Hopefully I will be down, or at least the same as last week.  All I do know is that I am not going to beat myself over it this week if it is a gain, it happens and I am just going to keep moving forward.

So my menu today looked like this........ (short and sweet)

Breakfast: Coffee w/sugar X 4

AM Snack: nothing

Lunch: nothing, we were bottling wine at this time!

PM Snack:  Nothing, well I guess I did have a Pepsi......

Supper:  I shared chicken fries with the husband as a starter (he chose this!) and for my meal I had Buffalo chicken salad, with the dressing on the side and I also skipped the garlic bread!!!!

Menu clip of my salad from Chili's:

With applewood smoked bacon, bleu cheese crumbles, tortilla strips, house-made pico de gallo and ranch dressing.

I will probably have a little snack later tonight, we will see how I feel.

None the less, on our way into the city my husband car decides to have a mine of its own and starts playing games with us.  We were planning on going to a movie or show tonight, but after the car giving us problems, we thought it would be safer to come home, while it is still day light out.  So, our night was cut short in the city.  Oh well, I rather get home safe and not be stranded on the highway during the night.  Once we got home, he took a good look at the car and tells me the clutch is gone.  All I said was OK.  I don't know a whole lot about cars at all, lol and the funny thing is I use to work in a parts store!  I could tell you where the stuff went in the store and even if we got it but you ask me what its for..... you would get one hell of a strange look from me.  Hey, I was hired for the office and shipping and receiving, not selling!

Friday, February 11, 2011

A new found favorite

Well I missed this part of my post last night.....

I have found another new food I LOVE, its COUSCOUS.  We had it for supper last night, it was the first time I had ever tried it in my life.  I was amazing!  I boiled it with chicken broth (low sodium of course!) and some dried mushrooms (and not the ones you get high off of!!! That was the younger days..... lol never again I tell ya.).  I was scared to try this weird looking food on my plate, but once it was in my mouth I thought I was in heaven, well not quite, but if was freak delicious. 

OK now on to today.  It was a good day in some ways, I had a parent child interview/meeting today.  Starting this coming Monday, I have another part-time child and once seeding comes he will be full time for that time period.  I am so excited to bring on another child.  This little boy is great to have with us, he is just about the same age as my daughter, so they will be going to school together too.  Now she has someone her own age to play with also.  Now, I am just keeping my fingers crossed that I might be able to pick up another 1 or 2 children soon, that should keep me busy enough then.  I don't want to be one that has to many children running around and I just don't know what to do with them.  I would prefer to have a smaller group of kids, that I can take time for each of them and teach them as we go. 

Today's food menu was anything all to exciting.  I didn't cook supper to what was planned because my kidlets wanted homemade cheese burgers.  So I broke down and made them for us.

Breakfast:  Coffee w/sugar X 4 and an apple

AM Snack: coffee w/sugar X 2

Lunch: Taco Salad (ground beef, lettuce, salsa, onions, cheese, no fat sour cream, and a few nacho chips) Like I said nothing fancy, but it was yummy.

PM Snack: nothing

Supper: Home made cheese burger with stir-fry veggies and pasta, with yogurt for dessert

I didn't get exercise in today :(  My Calf's were just a killing me.  I have had this issue since about Grade 10.... so about 10 years now.  It comes and goes for me, but the muscles in my calf's cramp up really bad and often and then they hurt like a son of gun afterwards.  Some times the pain last as long as the spasms do and some times it last for days after it happens.  If I tend to have more then two spasms in a day or night, that's when the pain last longer.  I think I have had even more the last while from working out and doing my step ups, so I thought I might take it easy today and not doing anything.  Just rest them up, and I will get back at gun tomorrow.  Seriously does this happen to anyone else?!?!  I went to the doctors when it was first happening 11 years ago and they told me it was growing pains!!! Like hell, how can I still have growing pains, I am 25 now, aren't I suppose to be done growing?  I have been told to drink milk when it happens or have a banana.....umm of course 2 of the foods I can not stand!!!  Usually I am able to move my leg after a minute or so and it stretches the muscles out and starts to feel some what better but I seriously don't know how to get rid of them all together.
That's my calf when its in a spasm!!

Quote of the day: (by the way I am so sorry for forgetting to post the last two days quotes!! My bad!)
The time for action is now, it's never too late to do something. ~ Carl Sandburg

How true is this?  I mean why should one keep waiting to do something in life?  Just cause you are 30,40,50, hell 88... why should that stop you from making your dreams come true?  My Grandma In-law is 88 (I believe.... how bad is that, that I am not 100% sure on her age!), this lady blows my mind to pieces.  I swear she could run circles around me.  She travels to new places (she went to Italy last year), she still lives at home, makes all her own food.  Hell, she still drives the riding lawn mower in the summer to cut her lawn at the farm.  Nothing seems to stop her, if she wants to do it, she does it.  I think we should all think this way and take action for what we really want in life and not just sit back and let it go by.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I keep STEPPING on

Wow, today has been a really off day for me.  Didn't get much of anything done that I wanted to, but oh well.  It will all be here for me to do tomorrow (plus more).  So this morning I woke up with a migraine and decided not to do my work out (neither the Wii or resistance band), instead I put the coffee on and curled up on the couch for a little longer, hoping the medication I took would help my head.  None the less about an hour and a half later, my alarm goes off again and I get up so I can start getting breakfast ready and my son up for school.  The pain in my eyes and front of my head where still there, but not as bad.  So I continued on with my day, took a few more meds here and there.  Finally around 12:30, lunch was finished, I layed my youngest son down for his nap, my daughter and I curled up on the couch together again, and we started watching a Dora movie.  To my surprise I woke up at 2:30, with my daughter, cat and the dog all sleeping on me.  I was sweating to death at that time, but they all looked so cute together.  I decided to squeeze my way out from under all of them and get up to get something done today.  Dishes and beds were finally done at 2:45 this afternoon!!!! A little late but I was finally feeling better. 

Food Menu for the day:

Breakfast: Nothing but coffee w/sugar and meds!

AM Snack: Coffee w/sugar X 2

Lunch: Brunch Omelet on tortillas,
included~ egg beaters, green onions, tomato's, hot peppers, bacon, and cheese.  Oh wait, I can't forget the ketchup!

PM Snack:  Nothing

Supper:  Lemon Soy Chicken (check back on Friday (tomorrow) for recipe, Couscous and carrots

Evening Snack: a can of Pepsi and an apple

While my daughter was having her bath, I decided to do some more step ups tonight while watching some t.v. with my son.  I was able to do 3196 steps in 20 minutes.  I would have kept going but I thought it was time for the little lady to get outta the tube so she didn't turn into a raisin permanently.

Once again thank you all for the encouraging comments and those of you with blogs I follow that motivate me so much.  Your all the best, even if I don't know you in person!


OK, I am sorry for not posting yesterday.  I was kinda a busy day for me with no help that I am use to in the evenings.  My husband had to start work early today so instead of leaving the house at 3:30 AM this morning, he just stayed in the city last night.  I guess that's one of the downfalls of living in a small town and working in the city, but we made it through the evening just the kidlets and I.  With that being said, I didn't make no fancy supper cause I knew the kids wouldn't eat what I had planned so I thought I would save the recipe for another day.  Instead we had Octopus's and seaweed.  No, it was not the real stuff!!! (Like hell, I would eat either of those! And I wouldn't make my kids either, if they want to try else where they can go right ahead, but those 2 things are on my don't buy list!)  The octopuses where hot dogs cut in half and then one end cut in quarters and boil them (I am not a fan of hot dogs boiled so I skipped these!) and the sea weed was spaghetti cooked and I added some green food coloring to the water to make it look kinda like the real stuff.  My kids thought this was one of the greatest meals ever. 

So I was thinking yesterday about my blog (should have been writing, I know....I am sorry!).  I think I might start posting my recipes only once a week instead of daily.  Looking over my own blog I think it would just make it easier for the reader and myself.  I will still try and post my daily meals, but some time on the weekend I will write a full post of all the recipes I used.  If there is ever something one of you comes across and would like the recipe sooner, please feel free to contact me at ashleymvipond@hotmail.com and I will be more then happy to send it your way. 

Now, one more thing before I head off for a while.  My work outs yesterday...... When I got up yesterday morning I didn't want to do a work out, I wasn't going either.  Then I came to my computer and started reading my blogs I follow daily.  Well they surely inspired me and instead of finishing the read then, I went and got changed into my work out clothes and did 45 minutes on the Wii Fit.  After the work out was done, I did come and finish reading every ones posting!!!!! So I just want to thank you all for the inspiration, whether you know it or not, reading your blogs helps me alot.  Now for my evening work out, again I wasn't really planning on working out last night but I got some inspiration from a T.V. show this time.  I started watching I Use To Be Fat , on MTV.  Wow, its the first time I have seen it, I am not one to watch MTV a whole lot, seems how my TV is on kids shows all day long and then in the evening I seem to be to busy to watch much else.  Anyways, back to my point here.  This show is about young teens tyring to lose weight, from what I have gathered from the 2 shows I watched last night is that they have about 100 days with a trainer and they work their ass off to lose the weight.  They are taught how to eat correctly, how to deal with emotions and how to exercise right.  So after watching about 25 minutes of the first show, I felt the need to exercise.  I was thinking what I could do so I was still able to watch the rest of this show.  So I broke out the Wii fit balance board, my runners, and my pedometer, and decided I was doing to keep doing step ups till the end of the show.  And that's what I did.  I know these step ups aren't as high as some exercise ones but still after 10 minutes I was ready to give up, but I pushed my way through it and kept going till the end, a whole 35  minutes and a hell of a lot of sweat.  When I took off my pedometer I was surprised to see I did well over 4000 steps, actually it was 4684.  I was thinking maybe 500, but nope I was wrong.  I guess when I got into the rhythm of the steps and the show at the same time, I kinda forgot about how much I was really doing.  All I know is that I was excited when I seen that big number.