Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Healthy eating

On Sunday while my husband and I were in the city we went to Burger King for lunch...... I didn't feel so well after eating.  When getting back into town Sunday evening we had supper at the in-laws, it was pizza. I really wasn't feeling good after that.  I am thankful for the supper, as it was a nice thought for my in-laws to invite us to stay and it was yummy pizza, but my stomach was to happy with me.  Last night I wasn't in the mood to make a big supper so I throw on some sausage.....BIG MISTAKE!  Yes it was home made sausage and not as greasy as store bought but still after my eating on Sunday it just wasn't a good idea.  My stomach is still turning and feeling yucky.  I have now realized all this healthy eating we have been doing the last 5 months really has done something for us.  I mentioned to my husband that I didn't feel to well after eating all this greasy food the last two days and he too agreed with me and said he felt the same way.  I am so glad that we are not pumping our bodies full of grease and fat like we use too.  I feel healthier with what I am making my family and the fact that we hardly use proceed foods any longer.  If we are to have pizza now a days, its from scratch and fresh ingredients, not frozen pizza any longer.  Yet again I will say, if you eat these things that's fine but remember you need those veggies and fruits to keep you healthy too.  Don't always run for the processed foods, I know they are quick to make and often taste yummy too, but if you just take an hour out of your week and plan ahead you can make those same meals from scratch and are so much better for you.  You also for the chance to be proud of what you made cause it tastes so yummy!

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