Thursday, March 17, 2011


So I have come to the conclusion that I need to learn portion control!  I have figured out the healthy eating for the most part, but I still seem to be stuck at the same weight.  Even while exercising!  So here is my thought......

How about I really start to weigh and measure my food in take! Hmm who would think that would help?  Ya, ya I know, I started on weight watchers I should know all about this.  But like alot of people, I was good at it for the first few weeks and then started to slack on it and well now I just plain old don't even try.  Not a good way to go.

Sure I eat healthier and more home made food but when you eat a cup and a half of green beans fancied up, when a serving of green beans is only..... Ha half a cup!  Yeppers, I just looked it up to make sure (Canada's Food Guide).  This is where I am going wrong, it might be good food I am shoveling into my mouth but not the correct amount. 

So my goal for the rest of this week and from now on, is to watch my portions.  How much I am really putting on my plate to eat.  I have printed off the Canada Food Guide, some quick references and tips and have posted theses bad boys on my cupboard door.  So there is no reason why I don't check now.  I have dug the measuring cups and spoons out (not they were not used for cooking before).  Now theses pretty little things will also be used for... my portions!  And the food scale has been wiped clean of its dust and is ready to go.

Some how, some way... I am going to beat this blob of weight, one day it will happen!


  1. Sounds like a good plan! I have difficulty remembering to measure each portion, but power to you for making that step toward your goal. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  2. Hey chica! Measuring your food is definitely key! The good news is that after a few months it's second nature. I'm embarrassed to admit sometimes I eat things right out of the measuring cup (And have Lonny doing it too!!). But the even better news is that 2 years later, my eyeballing it for size and weight is spot on! Very rarely are my measurements off, even without actually measuring, which comes in handy when eating in out! Don't worry though, you'll work your way through it. Because you're supergirl. XO

  3. Definitely measure stuff. I was surprised to realize that I overestimated things a lot. So now, if I'm eating a snack, I'll count out the pretzels or put my cup of Cheerios in a mug because that is a cup. Meat portions are also sometimes suprising so a scale has been really helpful. I think WW is fool proof, if you eat within your points budget, you can't not lose weight.

  4. I was getting very good about always measuring and then it just got away from me somehow. I'll join you in this effort! Thanks for the inspiration! Good Job! :)