Monday, March 7, 2011

New Stats

So this weekend was a busy one for me and I didn't get my post in last night like I wanted to.  I had a hockey tournament Saturday for my oldest and Sunday I headed to the city to get some more yummy food.  Must say for the most part it was all healthy and I found a few new snacks that I love!!!  That will be for my next post though.

Now for my weigh in and measurements.................

Finally I saw a loss, mother nature finally took a hike and I was able to start feeling normal again.  No cramping and bloating..... till next time!  Maybe she will be nice and stay away for a while?!?! Probably not, but its nice to wish right?

Weigh in was 221.4
Yeppers I was down 4 pounds and only have 1.1 pounds till I finally reach my 10% goal, it might have taken me a while to get this far but I have also learned a lot during this time about myself, nutrition, water, calories, and exercise.

When I first started my weight loss journey I wasn't exercising and now if I miss a day of it, I feel horrible.  What a difference for me, the last time I really did anything to the extent of exercising was grade 11 gym......

OK now my measurements.  I told myself I wasn't going to do measurements every week but I chose every 3 weeks.  Why?  Hell I don't know, a month seems so long to me but a week not long enough, so I either had every other week or every third to choose from and I thought lets be different and choose the third week.

Arms now are 15 1/2" they were 15 1/8" I sure hope this is muscle again!!!

Chest now is 41" was 43 3/4"  DOWN!

Waist now is 48 1/2" was 49" DOWN half an inch and this is where I would really like to loss the weight!!!!  I will have to get into different exercises for this area I think.

Hips are now 44" they were 46 3/4"  DOWN! Yeah

Legs now are 25 1/4" from 26"  so DOWN again there!

Well I have to jet for a bit here but I will try to post more often this week if possible.  I hope all my fellow bloggers and followers are doing well and keep working hard!


  1. Wooo!!! Congrats on the weight AND inches loss! You're doing awesome!

  2. Great loss! Keep up the great work!

  3. Excellent job! You've worked hard and earned these wonderful results. Keep up the good work. We're so proud of you!!! :)

  4. Congratulations! I'm inspired to keep going too. Thanks for sharing your journey!