Saturday, January 22, 2011

Easy home exercises

Okay, so I have been doing some research on at home workouts.  I am not a fan of the gyms at this time and I know its something I really should over come, but that will be another challenge for myself in the near future.  For this time I have decided to try some work outs at home where I am the most comfortable. 

When in the city last week I bought myself a Resistance band, yet I didn't have the guts to use it until tonight.  Wow, what a work out.  Seems how I haven't done a whole lot of exercising since um....... grade 11, it isn't to hard to get my sweating and feeling the muscles working.

I attached my band to our basement steps and went at-er with the exercises that were sent with it.  Well, 20 minutes into my workout and my legs felt like jello and my face was raining.  It felt good to work out like that.  I have sat there on the comfort of my couch numerous times watching the "Biggest Loser" or "X-Weighted" and thought to myself wow, that is a work out they are doing.  Well, I was in their foot steps for a while tonight.  Now don't get me wrong, I wasn't working as hard as they were by any means.  But it sure feels great to actually do something like that for once.  (I might just keep up with this exercise thing!!!)

I also found a great way to really get those legs and butt burning, along with getting some abs working out too. And its something that 99% of you people can do in your own home.  There is no need for any fancy equipment, all you need is 2 face clothes or small towels and a smooth floor (hard wood, laminate, lino...). 

Here's what ya do:

Get in push-up position on floor, hands shoulder-width apart and feet on towels; tighten your abs so your body is straight from head to heels. Keeping upper body still, draw one knee at a time toward your hands [shown], moving as quickly as possible.  (This is also a good way to shine up those floors of yours!)  I did this for 5 minutes and thought I was going to die by the time I was done.  I kept going thinking to myself "Keep this up, you can look like the girl in that picture!"  Meaning the one to the right.

There are a few other great workouts with a towel on  I haven't tried the other ones yet, as I am hardly able to walk after doing this towel exercise. I plan on trying another one tomorrow. 

Remember that working out doesn't always mean you need expensive equipment, it just means you need to keep you heart rate up to burn those calories. 

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