Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Phramacy in my house

So late yesterday afternoon the little one and I headed to Regina for a doctors appointment.  We have both had this cold and congestion hanging on to us for a good 6 weeks if not longer.  I wasn't to worried about myself but with my son only being 10 months I just wanted to make sure is wasn't anything worse.

As we were there I had a number of other things to point out to my doctor about both of us.  So what was a trip for hopefully some sort of penicillin, actually ended up with us coming home with 9 different medications between the two of us.  Wow, now to keep them straight?!?!?!  How many to take at what time, making sure I use the right one on the right person, some has to be refrigerated while others can't be in any light.... the list goes on.  So out comes the pen and paper this morning and the schedule making began, and is now on the fridge so both hubby and I know and remember.

As our appointment was late afternoon, I was going to have supper in the city.  I didn't eat lunch due to this, I knew I would stop at a fast food place, seems how I don't like to sit in a resturant by myself.  After picking up the meds I thought to myself.... no, I think I am going to go home and have something, instead of eating shit.  Then just about to leave the city, I get a message from the husband saying "treat yourself to supper, that they were going to the bar for theirs".  OK well now I was trying to figure out what I should really do or where to go if I do eat in the city.  I decided to grab something quick and chose Wendy's as the place to eat.  What a fucking mistake!!!!  Any other time I have had Wendy's its been pretty good, but not this time.  My chicken on my burger was rock hard, I believe I had about a pound of salt on my fries and my diet coke was actually coke.  Now I don't mind the drink being wrong, it was nice to have a regular coke, seems how I haven't had one since I started.  But I think I ate 6 fries and just couldn't have any more (I am one that doesn't really use salt on or in to much stuff at all).  I chocked down the chicken burger and headed home.  I was in one hell of a bad mood after my experience. 

Once home I put way all my items I purchased and helped get the kiddies off to bed.  Then I was starving so I look in the fridge, nothing I want.  I look in the cupboard, saw some rice cakes, opened the package only to realise I bought the sweet chili kind again and not the ketchup....... these ones seem to give me heart burn that lasts for days.  So into the cupboard they go again.  I was getting madder because I was hungry and nothing looked appealing.  So I had a glass of water (yep WATER!) and went to bed.  I wasn't going to keep walking back and forth from the fridge and cup boards, to find nothing and end up eating crap that I don't need. 

I woke up this morning not to hungry and in a better mood, so lets hope it continues on.....

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