Monday, January 24, 2011

I did it, I did it!

Yesterday was the big weigh in day again.  I was kinda dreading it due to PMS and I know I worked so hard all week but didn't feel so come Friday when my good friend should up.  To my surprise I was down..... down 3 pounds!!!! I jumped for joy that's for sure.

All that hard work really does pay off!!!  I tracked everything and eat healthy choices.  I am really enjoying the more natural way for eating.  No more of those processed chicken nuggets or pizza's.  Sure they are nice for a TREAT every now and then, but not for a daily supper meal.   At least not for this family any more.  If we are having chicken nuggets for supper it is from skinned chicken titties and homemade crests (or whatever you want to call the outside of the nuggets.)  I have a friend that posted a great recipe for chicken strips on her blog that we use often for suppers,  yummiest chicken fingers ever.  I have always enjoyed cooking, but for many years I slacked off on it, because lets just admit it throwing those "premade, processed" chicken nuggets into the oven was just plain old easy.  Well, it might be easy to do it that way, it really isn't that hard to make them from scratch either. 

If any of you have other great healthy recipes and would like to share them, please do!!!! I would love to post them too.

Starting weight: 245
Today's weight: 223.4
1st Goal: 220.5
Total lost: 21.6

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