Monday, January 31, 2011

Yes I was pissed off!

All righty, I know I have been missing in action all week.  It sucks thats for sure.  I must admit I had a week from hell, all around.  Emotional, physical, mental, and food wise.  I just plain old screwed the whole week (and not as in the bed screw either, that ain't happening right now!)  So, I was just pissed off at the whole world and myself that I just didn't care what so ever.  BUT, today is a new day and I am back ater, gonna do this shit.

I love how I play mind games with myself and usually they end up with me totally failing all around.  I took a great course this weekend, it was really pertaining to childcare and daycare but I got alot out of it for myself.  They taught and talked about a lot of nutrition, the food guides, food portions, exercise in toddlers (although they had us doing some of the games to learn them and get moving, and I tell ya, I was working up a little sweat and huffing and puffing).  How said is it that a 25 year old (me!) works up a sweat doing toddler moving games, it didn't include running or anything.  I know I am fucking outta shape when this happened to me.  I was disgusted in myself.  But after all that was done, I came home and did my workout!!!!  I had the house to myself (which nearly never happens) and I pushed my way through my workout and even went a little longer then usual.  It felt great after I was done.  But now 2 days later my ass and legs are hurting yet again.  One day this pain will go away....Right?  Please someone tell me it doesn't last forever!

Any who, I am back on that damn wagon that keeps hitting the potholes in town and throwing me off.  Today's a new day!  This week I am still working on getting that disgusting water into me, still am hating every minute of it when I am drinking it, and keeping up with my workouts also. Haven't weighed this fat ass this week, cause I was to pissed off still yesterday to do it, maybe I will get a weigh in tonight or tomorrow morning.  I am scared to see what I am back up to that's for sure.

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