Monday, January 17, 2011

I made it another week

So its Monday morning and I just weighted in.  My normal weigh in day is usually Sundays, but I forgot to do it yesterday morning because I was up early trying to finish every thing needed for the birthday/baptism.  And well to get 3 kids, a husband and myself ready is alot of work some days, ecspecaily when you are the ones being the center of attention that day.  I hate being the center of attention any time, besides having to stand up in front of a church full of family, friends, and community members.

Now that I weighed in, I was happy with the out come.  Yes it was a gain but not to bad, after my binge of cheesecake earlier in the week and with a lack of balance the last 3 days.  I was up .8 of a pound. So that puts me back to 226.4.  Along ways to go for goal yes, but I will do it! 

I have set 2 goals this week (so far).
1: to track, track, track that food that is going into my damn mouth.
2: to drink at least half my water intake a day.

I say half my water intake, because I will admit it.  I HATE WATER!  Unless its a hot day (and that aint happening any time soon, when its like -40C out there today with the wind).  So I want to start my self out slow so I know I can do it, and then keep adding more till I reach a comfort level of my water  intake.  I know it show be 8-8oz glasses a day, but what if that's just to much for my?  Should I really beat my self up because I can't get all my water in in a day?

OK so the outcome of my cake.... I know that's what you are really waiting for.  (Screw the rest of my week!)  I decided to take a shorter cut and not make Dora right out of cake.  Yes its was still a cake, but I left the cake in the form of the 9" X 13" pans a cooked it in.  And then used the fondant to make Dora instead.  I feel pretty good with the outcome, for a newbie.  Everyone seemed to have enjoyed it, and were pretty proud of my work.  They still don't know how I find the time to make these cakes and all the other crap I do.  But I think to myself, I am up early almost everyday (5:00 to 6:00am) and if I don't keep myself busy I will crash and if I crash nothing will get done then.  And if I do crash, then comes in the eating of shit food that I don't need, like chips, chocolate.....etc.  You get the bloody point, something that an over weight blob like me doesn't need.

starting weight 245
now 226.4
1st goal 220.5

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