Thursday, February 3, 2011

Needing a routine in life

So I have come to the conclusion that I need some structure in life, just like teaching a child while they are growing up.  I need that structure and routine to keep me on track and keep myself going.  I have been doing a lot of research and reading (a number of great blogs!) and have decided that I will start meal planning and making a daily routine for my day, the daycare day, my workouts, everything.  Now, I know before one says to me that routines aren't good because you can never follow them 100%.  I have come to realize that and I think I am able to take that into count too.  With running a home based daycare you can never be on time 100% cause kids are kids, out bursts, fights, fun, accidents happen.  I have run my daycare on a routine for a while and find it works fairly well most days, so why not try it in my everyday life too?  Whats really going to happen if I do try and its not right?  Nothing.  I will continue on like I am now that's all.  Things get done still, its just usually last minute and a stress over it then.  So I am going to try and pre-plan as much as possible and hope that things go with the follow.

I have sat down and made my daily schedule for Monday to Friday, leaving Saturday and Sundays open because there is often many things going on those days as a family.  I made my house clean schedule so that not everything is done on one day and makes me feel like I am cleaning forever.  I have also made a 2 week supper menu too, with recipes, calendar, and grocery list.  I am hoping to get to the lunch menu planning this afternoon while the young ones are napping.  Its a little harder to plan the lunch menus I find because kids seem to be picky with foods and I also have a lactose intolerant child in my care so that's a lot more to take into consideration.  I try to make as healthy meals as possible with a few food groups at lunch time.  

If I can keep on routine! I am hoping to be able to post my daily routine and food menu each night before bed.  If not the following morning.  As well as recipes (well the ones that turn out!) for each supper meal and possible lunch ones too.  

If any one out there knows some great healthy kid liking meals I can make for lunches, please pass them on!!! I would greatly appreciate it.

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