Thursday, February 10, 2011

I keep STEPPING on

Wow, today has been a really off day for me.  Didn't get much of anything done that I wanted to, but oh well.  It will all be here for me to do tomorrow (plus more).  So this morning I woke up with a migraine and decided not to do my work out (neither the Wii or resistance band), instead I put the coffee on and curled up on the couch for a little longer, hoping the medication I took would help my head.  None the less about an hour and a half later, my alarm goes off again and I get up so I can start getting breakfast ready and my son up for school.  The pain in my eyes and front of my head where still there, but not as bad.  So I continued on with my day, took a few more meds here and there.  Finally around 12:30, lunch was finished, I layed my youngest son down for his nap, my daughter and I curled up on the couch together again, and we started watching a Dora movie.  To my surprise I woke up at 2:30, with my daughter, cat and the dog all sleeping on me.  I was sweating to death at that time, but they all looked so cute together.  I decided to squeeze my way out from under all of them and get up to get something done today.  Dishes and beds were finally done at 2:45 this afternoon!!!! A little late but I was finally feeling better. 

Food Menu for the day:

Breakfast: Nothing but coffee w/sugar and meds!

AM Snack: Coffee w/sugar X 2

Lunch: Brunch Omelet on tortillas,
included~ egg beaters, green onions, tomato's, hot peppers, bacon, and cheese.  Oh wait, I can't forget the ketchup!

PM Snack:  Nothing

Supper:  Lemon Soy Chicken (check back on Friday (tomorrow) for recipe, Couscous and carrots

Evening Snack: a can of Pepsi and an apple

While my daughter was having her bath, I decided to do some more step ups tonight while watching some t.v. with my son.  I was able to do 3196 steps in 20 minutes.  I would have kept going but I thought it was time for the little lady to get outta the tube so she didn't turn into a raisin permanently.

Once again thank you all for the encouraging comments and those of you with blogs I follow that motivate me so much.  Your all the best, even if I don't know you in person!

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  1. That tortilla omelet sounds really good! And good job with that steps, that's a lot!