Saturday, February 12, 2011

The number 23

Okay so I just noticed this while looking at my dashboard..... I just wrote my 23rd post Wine and Dine and I now have 23 followers.  I thought I would keep this post going for a bit now that you are reading it!!!!  I know I just finished one, but I do have some many idea's in my head to write about!!!! This one wont be long though.  I just want to thank you, my followers.  Every time I log on to Blogger and notice another person is now following my blog, I get excited.  Not only am I doing this for myself, but hopefully I can hope others out too.  Whether that be from a recipe, encouragement, a photo, what not, everything little thing helps us out.  I get so many great comments from you all, and it really helps to keep me going.  I try to comment on all the blogs I follow, just cause I know how it feels to receive a comment.  Especially when you are just starting out, and after a while you are unsure if what you are doing is worth while or not, just know it is.  There has been a few mornings this week that I get up and think to myself, oh I don't want to work out, maybe I will do it tonight.  I get to the computer and start reading some of the new posts and all of a sudden I get the erg to go do my exercises.  I don't know whether it because of all your encouraging words and all of your hard work that makes me feel this way. Or if it is because, if I don't do my exercises I feel I am not only letting me down, but all of you my followers?!?! Either way, lets all keep up the hard work and cheer each other on.  We call all do it, whether is losing the weight or maintaining it, we can all get health as long as we put our selves into it and remember that its a whole new life style then what we are use to!


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  1. Yeah, totally! I started blogging spontaniously after I read some and it has been really fun and helpful :) We'll encourage each other!