Thursday, February 24, 2011

Green Punches

So I have found yet another 2 new found favorites or should I say one favorite and one like?!?!?!  This past week, I have been using the Gold's Gym Cardio On the Wii, it is mostly boxing and I must say I am in love with it.  My 30 minutes of work often turns into 45, 50, 60 minutes.... its great.  I really like the fact it lets you know roughly how many calories you are burning and how many punches you have done for each lesson and for the whole day.  My arms feel great already and I can even feel it in the mid section too.  I am really wishing I knew some where close to here that might have a gym with a punching bag, but at this time I don't.  If I keep this up and still enjoy doing it, I just might ask for one for my birthday??? Hmmm.  So this is where the "Punches" came from in my title, just in case you haven't figured it out.

I also tried another newish food this week.  Its nothing new to alot of people but to me it is.  Its the famous green beans, I hated them for the longest time.  Let's just say I would eat the raw but cook them and it was a no go for me.  I prefer most of my veggies raw to start with.  But Tuesday meal plan called for cooked green beans so I thought to myself how can I try something new with these things? Something that isn't going to add alot of points to my Weight Watchers Schedule yet make them taste better maybe.  So, I finally found a recipe and thought I would try it out.  And to my surprise it was great, I actually enjoyed them and so did the husband, my kids on the other hand didn't!  All I did was saute some garlic and olive oil, added my green beans, 2 tablespoons of soya sauce and some roasted almonds.  Once they were done and plated, I sprinkled a few bacon bits on top of them and vala its a yummy side dish. Once again this is where the "Green" comes in in my title. 

Is there any veggies that you have tried and at first never liked or hated and once trying them a new way, you really enjoyed?  If so, please send a recipe on to me!!!!  I am up for some food challenges. 


  1. I recently tried and started making green beans similar to that. I saute them in a little olive oil and minced garlic. I haven't tried them with the other ingredients you used.

    I never liked to munch on raw celery and peppers but am loving them now. Nothing different about them but I guess my tastes have changed.

  2. That Wii game sounds fun - damn, I wish I had room in my teeny apartment to actually go all out on a game like that without worrying about punching through my TV screen. :)