Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weigh in and a little more

So this morning was weigh in........ the results didn't change from yesterday :(  But I am not going to sulk over what the scale is telling me this week.  I see it and I am going to move on  no pity party this time.  It's a gain like I said in last nights post Wine and Dine  but just cause I am up does not mean that I am not on track.  Our bodies can do some funny things to us, I know personally this time, I didn't cheat, I exercised, and I was getting more water in (not enough yet, but its finally coming to me). 

This week I will continue eating healthy.  I still have a bad habit of skipping meals, I have done this for a good 15 years now, its not going to change over night, not when I have been doing the same thing over and over again for that long.  But it is coming, just like my water intake (that will be another post to come!). 

I am loving my Wii exercises but I was thinking last night, I can't just rely on the wii, sure it gets me moving and its fun at the same time, but I need to get in my mind that I have to do more then that.  This week I would like to get back into my resistance band workout and maybe some exercises on the ball.  I am not to sure what those exercise balls are really called, but I got one from my mommy last week, and well I haven't used it yet.  I am going to this week.  No, its not going sit in my basement and collect dust or be another toy for the kids to play with.  I am going to use it. 

I have a dear dear friend that keeps my spirits up when needed, gives my motivation to keep going (hell she was the one that was able to get me started) and some amazing tips on every aspect of weight loss, exercises, and nutrition.  She has told me a few times now, that I really should get a "starting" picture and keep taking some along the way, it will keep one motivated to see the changes.  She also said that I should take my measurements, not that it has to be every week but once or twice a month even. This way, if you have a bad number on the scale one week you can see that you might not have lost weight, but you might have lost inches along the way. I had thought of this before, but my problem was having to get them done in the first place.  So last night I finally broke down and asked the hubby for help doing these tasks that I was dreading.  Wow, scary numbers(see below of stats).....  I have never liked my photo being taken, because lets face it, I knew I was fat, so why did I want to see myself in a photo.  Why should anyone else have that memory of looking back at pictures and seeing this massive person in a picture.  But I am hoping with enough work one day maybe I wont mind having that picture taken with the kids or the husband.

So here are my scary stats, I don't mind it you all gasp for a breath after you read each number.  I did when the hubby told me what they were.  Hell I am pretty sure he picked me off the floor with a few of them.

Feb 2011
Arms ~ 15 1/8 inches
Chest ~ 43 3/4 inches (that's under the boobs, but I don't have anything there to worry about so I could probably measure them and have damn near the same number!)
Waist ~ 49 inches  (GASP)!!!! Yeppers that's where he picked me up off the floor
Hips ~ 46 3/4 inches
Thighs ~ 26 inches   (another, holy f@#$ from me with this number)

Weight ~ 224.6 pounds
This week ~ up 1.8
1st goal ~ 220.5 pounds
Starting ~ 245 pounds


  1. Don't be scared of these numbers! It'll just make all the more worthwhile when you hit your goal to look back and see just how awesome you did!

  2. Hey you have to know where you are and where you want to go in order to make and meet your goals so keep a positive attitude and know you are working to change your numbers!

  3. I'm glad you did the measurement thing, it really helps when the scale isn't showing you a number to keep you motivated, good job!