Sunday, February 6, 2011


Just a quick blog before I head off to bed.  I have a number of things to write about but that will be for tomorrow!!!!  Today I headed into the city to get groceries.  I was in need of them badly, wasn't much food left in my house and with started my routine tomorrow morning I needed to get prepared.  So off I went with my shopping lists in hand and bought some yummy food and ingredients.  I love grocery shopping now, since I started my weight loss journey and making a healthier life style for my family and I.  Before I would head to the store and buy junk.  Processed this and processed that, a few apples or oranges and um chips, chocolate, etc (you know how it goes!).  Now I am happy with walking up and down the aisles looking for ingredients I need to make meals myself, reading nutrition labels and diving into the fresh produce section of the store and filling my cart full of those yummy things, FRUITS and VEGGIES!  Any who, the highways were shitty today, what should have taken just over an hour to get from home to Regina, it took me just about 2 hours.  I have a lead foot and like to speed a little (I can thank my Granny for that one ;)) and having to drive 60 to 70 KM (Yes, I am from Canada, eh!  So that is kilometers an hour not miles)  was horrible and irritating to me.  But I did it because the roads were like ice and I really did not want to end up in the ditch. 

I got home again and started supper for the family and put away the yummy food I bought.  Later this evening I was organizing tomorrows plan, so I texted my one mom whom brings her little one here to be looked after.  I find out that he wont be coming tomorrow and most of the week.  I am starting to get a little worried and stressed out right now.  I started Ducky's Arts and Activity Centre back in September.  I am a daycare centre which is ran out of my home.  But the last few months I don't really seem to have any full time kids.  Before Christmas all was going well I had 2 full time and one part time, now it seem to be 2 part time and one drop in.  I know, some of the parents work schedules are slow right now, but I can't help but to think "Am I doing something wrong?".  Are my rates to high? Do the kids not like it here?  Or whats going on that I seem to have lost my full time children.  Its really starting to bother me and I am kind wishing I knew what was going on.  Its hard to plan things when you don't know how many you are going to have and money wise isn't always easy either.  I am wondering if I might be smarter looking for an actual job out side of home somewhere?!?!?  At least I would know I have an income coming in.  I love what I am doing but at the same time I just can't help but to worry I am doing something wrong.  OK, I know this last paragraph has nothing to do with weight loss or anything really related to it.  But, I had to get it off my chest.  I tend to let these kind of things build up in me and I then eat instead of trying to figure it out.  So in the long run, it does kinda have something to do with my journey, if I journal it out, may I wont eat cause I have been able to think about it a bit more?!?!?!  Anyone else do this to them self's often?

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  1. I'm the worst when it comes to eating because I'm stressed, eating because I'm bored, eating because I'm celebrating something!! It's been sooo hard to get out of that, I'm still struggling with it. Why do we do that to ourselves???? As far as the kiddos, I would just be upfront and ask their parents if there is something wrong, your just showing concern. If your doing something they don't like, you need to know about it so that you can change it or talk it out. Momma's and their know how it is, no one can do it better than momma can :) hang in there, it will get better!!!!