Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Wii

On Sunday while I was in the city I finally broke down and bought a Wii.  Both my husband and I are not big gaming people and we both have the same mind set that we don't want our children to be sitting in front of the t.v. for hours on end playing games either.  I rather have them outside running around (that's when its warm enough, it wont be happening today that for sure, its -41C out there this morning. (and once again I am for Canada, eh!  so that is Celsius not Fahrenheit)), or doing something with their imaginations inside, like crafts or playing with their toys.  Anyways on with my point!  I broke down and bought one after alot of pondering on it.  We thought at least the Wii gets us and the children moving while we are using it, we aren't just sitting there. 

Last night I hooked the system up and my husband and I tried some of the Wii Sports Resort and the Wii Fit Plus.  I enjoyed it, I must say that.  Not to good at alot of the games yet but time might come for some of them.  You see I have this inability to move my left arm and my right leg at the same time in different directions (and vise versea for the other side).  I have tried a number of work out videos that all seem to have these moves in them too.  I just can't do it, no matter how hard I try or even how slow I try.  I know I'm a gimp, I will be the first to admit it!  And I also can't seem to figure out step movements when doing... lets say a step class.  I just can't do it, tried it last night and again this morning and its a no go at this time. 

Through trying out a number of the games though I came to really like a few already.  The hula hooping is great, the free run, and some of the balancing ones.  I also like the biking and boxing with the Resort Plus.  Like I just mentioned both the hubby and I did some last night and after he left for work this morning, instead of sitting down on the couch and dosing off for a little longer I got my butt in move and put the games on again and did some more work outs.  I actually ran, no we will say jogged 10 minutes at once without stopping.  I was about 4 minutes into this free run game when I was ready to quit.  But I then thought to myself I can't, if I quit I wont know how many calories I just burned, and well I really like that part of the Wii Fit.  You do the work out and afterwards it lets you know how much you just burned. 

I came to one more final conclusion though.  If I want to actually work out and not play around on the Wii, I will not be doing it around my husband!  He can be a pain in the butt while you are trying to do it.  Not that he is trying to hinder my progress at all and I don't think he really realizes that he is getting in the road and on my nerves.  But when you are trying to concentrate on what you are suppose to be doing and trying to work hard at something and there is someone pinching you butt, snapping your panty line or bra and just plain old blabbing away at you about something totally off topic.  It just wasn't working for me, not when I was wanting to work out, I just want to do my thing and be left alone.  Its OK when I am not in it for the work out but just to have fun.  I think my work out with the Wii, will continue to be done in the mornings after he leaves for work!!!


  1. The Wii is awesome! I love the boxing game - I feel like I burn a ton of calories when I play it, especially when it's against another "real" person. Have fun! :)


  2. I used to have a WII but found i never used it. When i did i loved the boxing!!! I decided about a month ago to trade in my WII for an xbox Kinect. I love it. it has a dance game on it that is great.......so i am going to do it of a morning after i have dropped the kids to school!!! I always forget that they are exercise!!!! Thanks