Sunday, February 20, 2011

Who am I?

Last night I watched a movie called Nanny Dairies. Its a movie from 2007 so no its not a new release at all.  First I thought I would give you some in site on the movie before I get in to my actual post.

A college graduate goes to work as a nanny for a rich New York family. Ensconced in their home, she has to juggle their dysfunction, a new romance, and the spoiled brat in her charge.

Directors: Shari Springer Berman, Robert Pulcini 

Stars: Scarlett Johansson, Laura Linney and Paul Giamatti

OK now that you have got the point of the story/movie, I just thought I would give you a little in site on the actual movie.  I will move on to my post.....

Not to long into the movie Annie the main character was in an interview for a position in a large well know company.  The lady giving the interview asked Annie a good question that really got me thinking of myself for a bit.  The question was

"OK, tell me who Annie Braddock is?" 

Well of course Annie from the movie had a hard time with this answer as that's how the rest of the movie is played out, her trying to figure out who she really was.

For me though, I took that same question just after I heard it and put my name in there.

OK, tell me who Ashley Vipond is?  

Wow, I really go thinking here, if I was ever asked this question by any one, how would I answer it.  Some may think, "oh, that's easy", but for me it really wasn't and even this morning when I got up I was still think about it.  

Sure I know the facts and numbers of who I am.

I was born June 4, I live at..... in Glenavon, I have 3 kids, 2 pets, I weight 223.8 pounds, I am 5'8" tall..... OK you get the point there.  

But if asked by a person who is looking to hire me for a job and asked that question how would you answer it?  No, they don't care when you were born, that you have a cat and dog, or how tall you are.  (OK, for most job that's not important to know, there might be the odd ball job out there that needs some of that info from you).  They want to know what kind of person you really are.  To me, I don't know who I am really and its kinda bothering me.  Am I just a caregiver? A person who stays at home all day long?  Well sure that's my job but who am I other then that?  I'm a Sunday School teacher, A scrapbooker, a cook (or try to be cook!).  Is that who I am? A wife, a daughter, a friend.....

I am all of those, but to me I don't feel like I really know who I am for some reason.  I don't know where I fit in, in this town of mine. I don't know why I am friends with some people........ All I know is that I am an over weight mom and wife trying to figure out how to get thinner and healthier.  But would that be who I am?  Or is there still more?  Its truly something to think about I'd say.

Who are you?

"Who Am I?"

Who am I?
My first answer would probably be my name.
But, my name does not describe who I am on the inside.
I could then give the title of my profession.
But that is what I do.
I could then tell you I am a wife, a sister, and a daughter.
But those are my relationships.
I ask again, who am I?
I could describe myself as an extrovert and outgoing.
That is my personality.
I am organized in planning events.
But that is a gift God has given me.
I could describe my appearance, but that is not who I am either.
So many times I have believed what others say I am.
If I receive affirmation, then I feel worthwhile.
However, when I receive criticism, then I feel like a failure.
I have chosen to ride the roller coaster of emotions,
Instead of believing the truth of what God says about me.
I have tried to work harder to prove that I am worthwhile.
Yet every time I mess up or fail, I am reminded that I will never measure up.
I will never be pretty enough or talented enough.
I will never be skinny enough or do enough good things of the church.
I will never be a good enough wife or sister or daughter.
But, I keep trying harder and harder.
I believe the lie that if I continue to try harder, I will finally be "good" enough.

~ Written by:

Shelley Hitz

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