Thursday, February 17, 2011

What then hell am I in labour again?!?!

So yesterday I had to head to the city get another colopospy done, lets just say it was not fun at all.  After I had my 3 child and the great old pap test afterwards came back abnormal.  So they did a colopospy at that time and found I had alot of scare tissue build up and some paulups (growths) in my uterus, so they scraped the inside of my uterus back in August and removed everything that should be there.  That procedure wasn't bad, it didn't hurt at all, due to the fact that I had pain drugs for it.  This time was the totally opposite!  I thought that they were just checking to see how things were going in there, if they was anything I was assuming that they would schedule for another appointment and redo everything they did in August.  Well boy I was wrong, the doctor decided that she was going to do everything at once and with no pain medication cause you know she was already in there, why stop and give me something?!?!?!  So the doctor proceeds to tell me that she is going to remove the stop she found and that I will feel a LITTLE cramping while she was doing.  I am sure that the nurse that was helping her had a broken hand by the time she was done, a little cramping bullshit!  I thought I was giving birth again and was at the end of it and had some of the worse contractions ever.  Wow, I was hurting for a while, even once I was going to bed last night, I was still hurting alot.  This morning its not so bad I still feel a little pain but nothing like yesterday.  I am glad that is over and I will be prepared for my next one, just in case it happens again!  Good thing that's not for another 6 months.

So even with my pain last night, I still got a little exercise in.  I didn't want to but I thought I should so I decided to do my step ups while watching some TV.  I went for a good 40 minutes and once I stopped and looked at my pedometer I was amazed I did 6169 steps.  I felt good after that, well a good feeling, still sore in the inside and my legs were just a little tired afterwards.

While in the city yesterday I was also at Walmart, cause lets admit it, I live for Walmart.  I found a great sale on some Wii games, one of which was a Golds Gym one.  I am looking forward to trying it!  I am hoping I might be able to tonight, seem how I was able to sleep in this morning cause the husband started work late today, so none the less I didn't do a work out first thing this morning.

Other then yesterday my week has been pretty good but busy with alot of daycare activities.  We are working on the letter Bb this week.  Lots of fun crafts going on and keeping the kids busy again, seems how the weather is shitty once again outside.  Man I can't wait till Spring so we can go outside more often.

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