Friday, February 4, 2011

I stepped on it finally

Well this morning I decided to man up.  No, no, WOMAN up! And step on the hated scale of mine, usually I am addicted to my scale but the past two weeks, I have had it hiding under my bed and not wanting to look at, step on it or end move it to get the cat out from under the bed.  My cat is a huge fur ball and seems to make his way under our bad often and then mews his head off, for some reason.  Its not like he is stuck under there I can get him out just fine?!?! Anyways, now that I got side tracked.... I step on the scale and it read 222.8.  Yep, I am down.  It made me feel a lot better, to know I am down and not up 2, 5, or 10 pounds.  Hurray, I don't have that scale no more.  I know weigh in day is only 2 days away but I just had to do it this morning, I got the urge and needed to know what it was going to tell me.

Now that I am uppity in the mood area, it might just help me to finish my routine schedule, seems how I start Monday morning with it!  I wasn't able to get my lunch menu planned yesterday like I had hoped to.  Instead I was doing daycare paperwork.  Gotta love the paper work!!  Actually, in all honesty I do love doing paper work.  Its a joy of mine, I know you can call me crazy and stupid or even a moron for liking it, I'll let you!

Here's to a good day...... I don't want to say great, cause I don't have many of those days right now, but things are looking up. 

Starting weigh: 245
Current: 222.8
Lost so far: 22.2
1st Goal: 220.5

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