Saturday, February 19, 2011

I am pissed off again!

So I seemed to be pissed off at the whole world right now.  Nothing has gone right today what so ever and these "happy"(for depression) pills are not seeming to calm my mood even a little. Where to start?!?!?! Hmmm, I made calzones for lunch today, the kids liked there's as I made pizza style ones for them and for the husband and I, I made spinach, mushroom, onion and cheese.  I thought they were good, I made everything from scratch, I didn't take the short cut and buy premade dough, I worked hard on them and was pleased with how they turned out.  The only thing that upset me a little was that the husband didn't comment on them at all, I am not sure if he liked them or hated them.  I don't know made be I was just excepting more then what I deserved?!?  Then we decided the have a nap this afternoon, it doesn't happen often that I will lay down any more when the rest do, because I just don't have time.  But I thought made be today I would, I have been lacking in the sleep area for a while and thought it might help me out.  Well, just as I dose off the little one wakes up screaming, I laid there for a few minutes hoping my husband would get up to see what was wrong, but nope to all luck he didn't.  Once I got up and checked on the baby, got him milk and brought him out to the couch, who shows up...... Yep, your right the husband.  I asked what he was doing, and he tells me, "Oh I can't sleep" .  Well fuck you I thought.  You know I really wanted to lay down today and try to sleep but it didn't happen, cause the little one woke up.  If you can't sleep why couldn't have you got up for once to look after him.  I guess I am expecting a little to much again, ya know he never gets up with the baby to start with, why would he today????  So once I got done playing with the wee one, I was sitting here reading some blogs from others, and I get a smarky little comment of "well are you going to do dishes?"  What the fuck popped into my head again (no I didn't say it out loud, even though I wanted to), what are you doing?  Why can't you do the dishes for once?  Errrrrrr, I am just getting madder and madder, then he asks if I can up coffee on cause he wanted a cup,  I said no, you can!  He didn't like that!  I am not to sure what is up, with either of us.  He use to be pretty good with something around the house but now he expects me to do it all and all the time.  I don't know if I am over reacting today or what though, but he seemed to be pushing my buttons really well.

OK now with that vented out to  my fellow readers, I feel a little better.  Tomorrow is weigh in day, I truly don't think I have lost anything at all.  I know right now my problem is...... pop and portion control.  I have kinda gotten really lazy on the measuring of how much I am putting on my plate, and well lets face it that isn't going to help me lose much.  Sure I might be cooking healthier and more home made stuff but if I am having 2 cups of pasta when I really should only he having 3/4 of cup... it just its going to get weight moving down.  So this coming week that is my goal.  To start measuring out my food before it goes on my plate.  Might not be a large goal but its going to be one!


  1. I honestly thing men get their period just like girls do. My boyfriend will get really mean and grumpy once a month and it drives me crazy! He will pick fights with me 'just cause'.

    Pop and portion control.. my two big problems. I switched to diet pop but i'm convinced it just makes me get hungry sooner. Well good luck on your weight in. I hope you're pleased with the numbers :)

  2. Have you talked to him about this? I think it sucks when men think that women should do everything around the house! I don't think they realise how much some of us appreciate when they help out around the house even if it's just a little bit. Your mood seems to be because you are stressed. I get like this all the time!

    I hope your weigh in is better than you expect :)

  3. I pretty much agree that men really have moods sometimes. I am a man, and i can say that sometimes its in our nature that we don't talk too much, don't appreciate, and lazy. Its like a period to girls every month that we have tantrum moments.

    I hope you're okay with your hubby now. :)